Newsletter | July 29, 2020

07.29.20 -- Trump Admin Finalizes Rule To Streamline, Modernize EPA Permit Process


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Water Alternating Gas Injection System Requires Compact Flow Measurement Solution

A major oil and gas producer in the southeastern U.S. needed to implement enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology to boost production in a mature oil field. For the past 25 years the company had been using water-flooding, but this technology was no longer providing the desired output. The field’s first well had been drilled in 1942.

Remote Analysis Of Equipment Performance

Gas is injected into wells to increase production. Due to the geographical distribution of wells there are a large number of compressors (over 140 units), which need routine monitoring by a small number of staff. Read more to learn how early detection of compressor operating problems allows operating condition adjustment and improved maintenance planning leading to lower maintenance costs and less production losses.

A Dirty Little Secret: Case Study On Thermal Flow Meter Calibration For Natural Gas Service

Errors associated with the calibration of flow meters for natural gas service can be costly but can also be mitigated using an advanced flow meter design that allows field adjustment of the natural gas composition without loss of accuracy.

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