Newsletter | June 17, 2020

06.17.20 -- Understanding Optical Gas Imaging Quantification; Smart Sponge Could Clean Up Oil Spills


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Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) Analysis

Multi-phase flow meters are important for well surveillance and production allocation where there is multiple ownership. It is therefore important to track the accuracy of multi-phase flow meters, identify issues and ensure rapid corrective action. Read more to learn how the Seeq tools were used to analyze and monitor performance.

QLF Series In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The QLF Series in line ultrasonic flow meter has been specifically designed for low flow rate applications that require excellent accuracy and reliability. The compact QLF Series has no moving parts, non-wetted sensors and no obstructions in the flow stream to cause an increase in pressure drop; this results in a very rugged, reliable, and accurate flow meter.

New Radar Technology For Solids Level Measurement

In nearly every industry, operators use solids level measurement to track and monitor material stored in large vessels, silos, or tanks. They need to know the value of their inventory and to be able to conduct process monitoring. Key examples include corn milling, grains and powders, cement, wood chips, and even sand used for oil and gas drilling applications. Solids can be challenging to gauge. There are numerous available measuring methods, with varying degrees of accuracy. 

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