Newsletter | June 26, 2019

06.26.19 -- U.S. Sets Oil Production Record


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Emergency Relief For Oil Rig
By Siemens Process Instrumentation

Late on a Friday afternoon, there was an emergency phone call to the Siemens Process Instrumentation office in Hauppauge, NY. A worried voice on the other end of the phone asked in a panic, “How fast can you get an FUS1010 FM/DC-powered flow meter with C2H high-precision transducers on a plane for delivery to a heliport in Louisiana?”

5 Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Process Data Analytics Solution
By Seeq Corporation

The data generation and collection strategies at the center of manufacturing processes have evolved dramatically, especially in recent years. Process manufacturers now collect and store huge volumes of data throughout their operations, both on and off premise, across multiple geographic locations, in an increasing number of separate data silos. In this paper, we propose five questions we believe every process manufacturing buyer should ask when evaluating a data analytics solution.

Measuring Natural Gas In Boiler And Furnace Applications
By Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Optimization of a combustion process can result in significant savings in fuel costs. Proper control of the air/fuel ratio to a burner results in the highest possible efficiency — the maximum steam output (or heat generated) for the least fuel consumption.

Recommended Resources
ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters

ST100 is an all-new thermal dispersion technology gas flow meter that combines feature- and function-rich electronics with the industry’s most advanced flow sensors to achieve a truly state-of-the-science flow metering solution for industrial processes and plant applications.

SIMATIC Safety Matrix

The Safety Matrix is a powerful and proven tool for the SIMATIC PCS 7 F process safety system. Designed for the process industries, the Safety Matrix provides the capability to simplify many of the critical steps as defined in the ANSI/ISA S84 of the safety lifecycle. 

Flow Measuring Technology For Liquids, Gases, And Steam

Consistent product quality, safety, process optimization, and environmental protection — these are only a few reasons why industrial flow measurement is becoming more important all the time.