Newsletter | February 24, 2021

02.24.21 -- USGS Releases Estimate Of Alaska Natural Gas


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Steam Condenser And Heat Exchanger Overview: Video

CTI Industries is a global technical service company that specializes in the restoration of steam condenser and heat exchanger repair. The repair techniques used by CTI are based on offering cost-effective solutions for equipment life extension, beginning with the "sleeving" of heat exchanger tubes.

Asset Utilization (OEE) Monitoring

In order to raise efficiency and production standards, it is important to be able to analyze the performance of batch processes and identify time spent in each of the different process phases. Increased visibility into unproductive process time (for example, during cleaning and maintenance and shift vs. shift differences in manual re-cleaning events) is necessary in order to enable users to take actions to reduce it. With the ability to increase production opportunities when reducing waiting times, overall profitability can also increase.

Measuring Flow In Partially Filled Closed Pipes With An Inline Meter

The session will outline how a unique metering technology has accomplished this challenging task with superb performance and longevity. Over the course of the last 30 years, since it was first introduced, KROHNE's TIDALFLUX meter has proven to be the only product that has stood the test of time. It is a full-bore device, it has no moving parts, it is factory-calibrated, and it is approved for hazardous areas and for water, wastewater, and industrial applications.

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Optical Gas Imaging Camera: FLIR GF620
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Cerabar S PMC71: Digital Transmitter
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VIS Multiphase Flowmeter
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