Newsletter | January 8, 2020

01.08.20 -- Water Management For Hydraulic Fracturing Forecasts Top $174B


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Optimal CO2 Metering Solution Critical To Enhanced Oil Recovery
By McCrometer, Inc.

To combat production declines at aging oil wells, oil and gas companies turn to enhanced oil recovery to optimize output. Some of those methods are dependent on collecting CO2 from gas operations and holding it underground — also known as carbon capture and storage — until needed. The ability to accurately measure CO2 in these processes is critical.

The Science Behind Optical Gas Imaging
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

This article covers the different methods and scientific techniques behind optical gas imaging including how the detectors operate, cooling methods, and image normalization. Additional topics include spectral adaptation, gas infrared absorption spectra, gas stream visualization, and key concepts for making gas clouds visible.

Feedwater Heater Tube Sleeving - Con Edison
By CTI Industries

This paper describes utility experience with a tube sleeving technique used for extending the remaining life of two heaters that have been rapidly degrading.

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Recommended Resources
TALYS ASP400 Series: A Simple And Robust Process FT-NIR Analyzer

The TALYS ASP400 series is designed to offer a simple base analyzer with a complete range of sampling interfaces suitable for a variety of hydrocarbon and other process streams.

SANILEC 6 Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

De Nora Water Technologies’ SANILEC 6 system generates sodium hypochlorite wherever and whenever disinfection is required. These lightweight, extremely portable systems are designed for use in rural or isolated locations where water purification, waste treatment, or surface disinfection is required.

In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The QEM Series in-line ultrasonic flow meter has been specifically designed for applications that require excellent accuracy and reliability at an OEM price point. The compact QEM Series has no moving parts; this results in a very rugged, reliable, and accurate flow meter. The small footprint, lightweight device is ideal for low-viscosity liquid applications including water-based products, oils, and its plastic and stainless steel construction makes it the meter of choice for many corrosive fluids.