SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference

October 26 - 29, 2020 - RU

Society of Petroleum Engineers


The oil and gas industry has always been and continues to be one of the most high-tech, knowledge-intensive and innovative industries in the world. However, in the context of a global geopolitical instability, companies are facing a number of issues, including a slowdown in global energy demand, stronger competition against the backdrop of an acute shortage of investments, fixed assets aging and a decrease in the mineral resource base, as well as the need to introduce alternative energy sources. Only an integrated approach will help to cope with these issues. In October, industry leaders and reputable experts will come together to identify the solutions that will help industry overcome the problems. Among them include expanding a cost-effective resource base through the development of new fields and enhanced oil recovery at mature fields, rational use of resources, digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, innovative and energy-efficient technologies implementation, improving methods of highly qualified personnel training, and other equally large-scale tasks. Featuring an extensive technical programme whilst offering insight, networking opportunities, the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference is the leading oil and gas event in Russia for petroleum professionals and students across the globe. The conference programme will cover a wide variety of topics including all industry disciplines: Well Construction Production Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing Enhanced Oil Recovery Oilfield Development Static, Dynamic and Integrated Modelling Hard-to-Recover Reserves and more Why Attend? Expand your technical knowledge and discuss issues Discover the latest industry trends, insights and innovations Network with distinguished experts and peers Present your knowledge, experience and expertise What to Expect 800+ Industry Professionals from 20+ Countries; 230+ Multi-Disciplinary Technical Presentations; Special Events; 3 Days of Extensive Networking Opportunities

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