Current Headlines

  1. Flinders University Scientists Develop New Environmental Polymer Which Quickly And Effectively Soaks Up Crude Oil

    On the eve of the anniversary of the US Deepwater Horizon disaster, polluted beaches, oily water, dead birds and marine life destruction caused by crude oil spills could be a thing of the past thanks to pioneering research led by Flinders University. In an exciting, sustainable answer to clean up oil spill destruction, scientists have developed a new polymer – itself made from by-products – which quickly and effectively soaks up crude oil. In

  2. UTA Expands Efforts To Develop Water Recycling Technologies

    The Collaborative Laboratories for Environmental Analysis and Remediation at The University of Texas at Arlington has expanded its partnership with oil field equipment supplier Challenger Water Solutions to develop water recycling technologies that will transform waste from unconventional oil and gas development into reusable water.

  3. EnerCom Announces The Oil & Gas Conference® 23 Is Open For Registration

    EnerCom, Inc. is pleased to announce it will host the 23rd annual edition of its popular The Oil & Gas Conference® this summer in Denver, Colo.

  4. Uptake Acquires Asset Performance Technologies, World's Most Comprehensive Library Of Industrial Equipment Failure Data

    Industrial AI software leader Uptake today announced that it has acquired Albuquerque-based Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) for an undisclosed amount.

  5. BP Sets Out Its Commitment To A Low Carbon Future

    BP recently published a new report setting out its commitment to a low carbon future and to helping meet the dual challenge of providing the increasing energy the world demands while at the same time working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  6. Big Statoil Investments In The North

    Johan Castberg, Polarled, Aasta Hansteen, Snefrid Nord, Askeladd and the exploration campaign in the Barents Sea; multi-billion investments are lined up.

  7. SENSOR Sampling Systems Safely Collects Representative Samples With New Needle Design

    SENSOR Sampling Systems takes two needles and combines them into one with the new CONCENTRIC Needle System. Essentially two different sized needles are combined into one concentric combination (one within the other).

  8. ExxonMobil Resumes Liquefied Natural Gas Production In Papua New Guinea

    ExxonMobil said recently that production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has safely resumed at the PNG LNG project in Papua New Guinea following a temporary shutdown of operations after a severe earthquake occurred in the region on Feb. 26. LNG exports are expected to resume soon.

  9. API Welcomes Relief To States On Implementing Air Quality Standards

    API today welcomed action by the Trump administration to streamline the implementation of air quality standards to promote public health, environmental protection and economic growth.

  10. Gaumer Process Obtains ATEX Certification For Medium Voltage (4kV) Electric Heater And Control Panel

    Gaumer Process, a technology leader in electric process heating and fuel gas conditioning system, received "Certificate of Conformity" (independent 3rd party) for 4kV medium voltage electric heater and control panel (purged), for hazardous area locations under ATEX directives.