News | May 2, 2023

ABB And Wellington Water Nominated For 'Smart Water Project Of The Year' In Global Water Awards 2023

The Global Water Awards celebrate the most important achievements in the water, wastewater, and desalination sectors. One of the focus areas is on innovative technology. 

ABB Measurement & Analytics is proud to announce that we have been nominated in this year’s Global Water Awards in the ‘Smart Water Project of the Year’ category for our collaboration with New Zealand's Wellington Water. 

As a leading global technology company, ABB collaborates with the water and wastewater industry and helps accelerate change through automation, electrification, and digital transformation. 

In the Global Water Awards, we are recognized for our collaboration with Wellington Water, the water services provider in the Wellington region of New Zealand. Wellington Water is responsible for supplying safe and healthy drinking water and collecting and treating wastewater.

ABB helped Wellington Water achieve a more resilient and future-ready water and wastewater network through the implementation of intelligent water management technology. 

ABB solutions control water pressure and monitor water flow in a way that’s sustainable, cost-effective, and safe. Built-in verification tools and anomaly detection capabilities enable operators to secure the longevity of their devices with sophisticated asset management tools.  

In addition to improving water management and water quality, the technology has helped Wellington Water reduce energy consumption. 

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and I very much believe that technology holds the key to improving how we all live, work and play more responsibly. I would like to thank my team for all the hard work and dedication they demonstrate every day in helping to make this a reality,” says Amina Hamidi, Managing Director, ABB Instrumentation. 

With the world’s population set to reach 10 billion by 2050, ensuring everyone has access to safe and clean water is a critical challenge. To preserve our planet's water resources and ensure there is enough water for everyone, we need to carefully manage water supplies.  

Subscribers to the Global Water Intelligence Magazine and Global Water Summit ticket holders are eligible to vote in the Global Water Awards. You can support us by voting for the project “Wellington Water intelligent network management, New Zealand”. 

Find out more about the collaboration. Watch the video.  

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