News | February 1, 2010

ABB Brochure Describes OriMaster: Orifice Flow Metering Made Simple


Eight-page color brochure from ABB Instrumentation covers OriMaster, a complete one-piece, orifice-plate DP flowmeter. According to the brochure, OriMaster comes as a complete flow meter assembly, factory configured to user specifications and fully pressure-tested before delivery.

The brochure notes that problems with conventional orifice plates fitted with outsourced differential pressure flowmeter and manifold assemblies include measurement inaccuracy and repeatability, high cost of installation, risk of leakage from impulse pipe joints, and other disruptive issues.

  • Compared with conventional orifice installations, the OriMaster flowmeter solution offers:
  • Minimum cost, manpower and inventory without leakages and blockages.
  • Centralized positioning in the pipe to maximize performance.
  • Maximum accuracy, reliability, convenience and simplicity.

Graphics in the brochure illustrate the volumetric and mass-flow versions of OriMaster and point out such features as stainless steel transmitter housings, optional LCD readout, and the integral three-valve manifold. Another illustration highlights traditional leak points of conventional orifice-plate installations.

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SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics

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