News | June 21, 2007

ABB Introduces NGC 8209 Natural Gas Chromatograph


Bartlesville, OK – ABB, the leader in power and automation technologies, announced the release of a compact natural gas chromatograph that provides precise and reliable measurement of a wide range of natural gas values, including hydrocarbon dew point, a key natural gas quality parameter. The NGC 8209 provides this expanded range of natural gas composition analysis (from C6+ to C9+) in a compact unit that is easier to install, operate and maintain than traditional gas chromatographs.

Hydrocarbon dew point is a complex, difficult to measure natural gas parameter that is computed from gas composition data gathered from the pipeline. Natural gas producers, gatherers, processors, transporters, suppliers, industrial and commercial consumers need accurate and reliable knowledge of this and other vital parameters (such as heating value, relative density, composition) to ensure the quality of their product, as well as to determine its precise quantity when transferring the product for sale. ABB's NGC 8209 provides a very precise and dependable gas chromatograph to obtain these key measurements; its compact size and streamlined, modular design make it easy to install, use and maintain on natural gas pipelines.

"To remain competitive, all parties involved in the natural gas supply chain need to continuously monitor and improve their overall product quality while precisely tracking the quantity of product being transferred," said Paul Kizer, Totalflow NGC product manager, ABB. "ABB's new NGC 8209 is another way that we provide our customers with the products and technology that they need to improve their efficiency and profitability."

The NGC 8209 provides custody transfer/metrology quality chromatography for heating value and composition measurement. This natural gas chromatograph is easier to install and commission, and less costly to operate in terms of money, time and effort than traditional gas chromatographs. Several product characteristics allow it to be installed very close to the sample probe site to reduce sample transport times and lower the overall cost of ownership. These include its explosion proof rating, embedded controller, wide operating temperature, small footprint (requires less than 2 sq. ft. of space) valve operation without instrument air, low power consumption and integrated stream switching hardware.

Once installed, information from the NGC 8209 is readily accessible for use by other programs. The unit's single controller seamlessly processes all chromatograms, performs all needed calculations, and reports results in real time, for accurate and timely information on the product in process. Other applications, such as alarm processors, trending and reporting software, can access this information as needed. The NGC 8209 also retains this as historical data, to be referred to later for custody transfer, or to verify transmitter operation performance. With its easy to use graphical user interface software, designated users can directly access information from the NGC 8209 with a laptop PC, or indirectly via a cell phone, satellite, radio, or phone modem.

Built with standardized, easily replaceable electro-mechanical modules, the NGC 8209 was designed to be maintained by personnel with little or no prior knowledge of Gas Chromatography, significantly reducing overall maintenance costs.

The NGC 8209 complements ABB's robust portfolio of solutions for the oil and gas industry. As one of the world's leading supplier to the Oil and Gas industry, ABB understands the challenges faced at all points in the process --in the field, on the platform, at the terminal, along the pipeline, in the refinery or in the boardroom. ABB helps its customers in the oil and gas industry produce, process, transport, store, and distribute hydrocarbons more productively, while reducing losses and complying with the strictest government regulations. ABB's comprehensive offering includes automation and analytical products, electrification, integrated telecommunications and safety systems, delivered with in-depth application expertise and a global network of best-in-class services.

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 109,000 people.

SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics