News | November 13, 2015

ABB Introduces TALYS ASP400 Series, A New Refinery And Petrochemical Process Analyzer


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Quebec - ABB, a world leader in energy and automation technologies, launches the new TALYS ASP400 series, a simple, robust single-point fiber optics based industrial FT-NIR analyzer designed for real-time monitoring of refinery and petrochemical process streams. This online analyzer allows determination of stream qualities or physical properties, process characterization and early troubleshooting.

The TALYS ASP400 series is offered in two configurations. One is the ASP400 base analyzer unit designated for safe area location and the other is the ASP400-Ex unit which may be placed directly in hazardous classified areas as Zone 1 (category 2) or Class 1 Div 1. The process analyzer is suitable for a wide range of refinery process monitoring applications including naphtha conversion units such as catalytic reforming, isomerization, naphtha hydro-treating and steam-cracking as well as applications in HF alkylation, gasoline blending and LPG.

With its small footprint and embedded controller (no analyzer PC required), this process analyzer is really simple to install. In addition, TALYS supports a variety of detectors to ensure optimal analytical performance (sensitivity and spectral range) tailored to application needs.

The TALYS ASP400 series will shorten project timelines by enabling efficient calibration development, improve return-on-investment by minimizing installation and integration costs and capture low costs of ownership with minimal spares holdings and extended maintenance intervals. This new generation of analyzer captures over 30 years of expertise in process spectroscopy implementation by ABB in close partnership with its customers.

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