White Paper

An Overview Of Recent Changes To The Single/Dual Process Seal Standards

Source: Magnetrol International

By Bob Botwinski, Magnetrol International.


By Bob Botwinski, Guided Wave Radar Product Manager, Magnetrol® International

Two is better than one, right? Applying this old adage is often good guidance, but sometimes it’s just not appropriate. Case in point—comparing single and dual process seals.

  • Overview of the process sealing requirements as defined by the ANSI/ISA1, NFPA/NEC2, and the CEC3
  • History and explanation of recent changes to the relevant codes and standards
  • Guidelines for selecting process sealing based on the application and performance requirements

Over the years, well-defined standards have been established to address the requirements for process sealing between an electrical system and process fluids, where a failure could allow the migration of the fluids into the electrical system. The primary audiences for these standards are the owner/operators of process facilities and installers of electrical equipment and instrumentation.