Case Study

Artificial Lift Monitoring System Improved Performance Of Dynamic North Dakota Well

Source: Baker Hughes

Over a ten-year period, a major operator tried various methods to optimize production on a particularly gassy, dynamic well in North Dakota. A short run life with a competitor's electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system forced the operator to put the well on gas lift. Initially, the operator's personnel were constantly onsite, because the well cycled severely, and it was difficult to control without an artificial lift solution.

The customer asked Baker Hughes to install an ESP system with WellLink SPVision artificial lift monitoring solution to provide advanced surveillance for the well. Analyzing the data collected by the WellLink SPVision service, Baker Hughes personnel recommended installing a manual backpressure valve to force all fluid through the pump when the casing pressure exceeded 500 psi.

After following the Baker Hughes recommendation, the operator was able to take control of the well, slow down gas slugs, limit gas locking and maximize production.