Automating Wellpads With ABB's RTU


The ABB Totalflow XRCG4 fourth generation Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) can automate the operation of a single well or an entire wellpad.

The ABB Totalflow XRCG4 fourth generation Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) can automate the operation of a single well or an entire wellpad. Engineers or Operators can specify this RTU with built-in, field-proven applications for site automation and optimization of Intermit or Plunger Lift wells. Or the user can program PLC software function blocks for customizing system operation. A selection of Totalflow input-output (TFIO) modules provide analog, digital, and pulse IO as well as valve interface functions and communication ports.

The addition of micro-controller boards in a master-slave relationship permits scale-up from basic units. The boards offer exceptional processing speed and memory capacity, and run under the Windows® CE operating system. An integrated Ethernet port enables full networking capabilities. USB host and device ports permit firmware upgrades, local configuration, and data archiving. The front panel display may be a simple LED readout and/or a sophisticated Human Machine Interface (HMI) to show wellpad data in a variety of graphical formats.

The ABB RTU can be configured to measure and control virtually all the functions on the pad. It turns the wells on and off based on simple to complex algorithms, based on the users comfort level, to optimize production. Connected to appropriate sensors, it measures the water, oil, and gas produced. It also measures and controls separator temperatures and monitors oil and water tank levels. It shuts down individual wells or the entire wellpad in emergencies. Communications for measurement and control operations can be direct wired or wireless. Often powered by Solar Charging and Batteries, and with the system sized properly, operation can continue autonomously for multiple days. Aside from these pre-engineered lift applications for the oil and gas industry, ABB Totalflow RTUs permit creation of custom applications using generic IEC-61131 PLC programming tools. This solution supports six tools:

  • Structured Text
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Instruction List
  • Ladder Diagram
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • ISaGRAF Flow Chart

In this way users can develop custom applications for measuring and automating operations on their particular programming skills and experience.TFIO module hardware for the ABB RTUs comes in DIN mountable enclosures that employ Phoenix contact technology for field wiring. The modules also interconnect with each other to provide the necessary power and interface signals along their bus. Generally, only the enclosure size limits the capacity of these IO modules.

The flexible and modular nature of ABB Totalflow XRCG4 RTUs provide complete pre-engineered or custom solutions for the oil and gas industry. The scalability of the system allows perfect adaptation for wellpad reinforcement, retrofit, and upgrades.

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