News | April 10, 2019

Borets Installs 250th Permanent Magnet Motor In Permian

Borets, a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, has successfully installed its 250th permanent magnet motor (PMM) ESP system in the U.S.

PMMs are more efficient than traditional induction motors (IM). Used in conjunction with the dually compatible (PM and IM) Axiom II variable frequency drive, Borets PMMs can reduce ESP power consumption by up to 20%. Permanent magnet motors also experience lower heat rise than induction motors which benefits motor reliability and longevity. Higher rotor horsepower density means that Borets’ PMMs are shorter in length than an IM of equivalent horsepower, supporting deeper pump setting depth capabilities.

“With more than 12,000 Permanent Magnet Motors already deployed globally, Borets continues to focus on bringing the advantages of PMM technology to our clients in the Permian Basin. Our 250th installation is a proud milestone achievement for this technology,” said Wil Faubel, president of Borets U.S.

Borets Permanent Magnet Motors are available over a wide range of horsepower in 406, 456, 512, and 562 series. All Borets’ PMMs are rated to 200 C and are constructed as single section motors which simplifies installation. Available also are high-speed PMMs (6000 rpm) which are an enabling technology to the new Borets WR2 - wide operating range and wear-resistant ESP system.

Realizing maximum benefits from PMM technology also depends on the variable frequency drive (VFD). The Borets Axiom II VFD utilizes a proprietary PM motor control algorithm to ensure the downhole motor and surface drive operate as a tuned system and deliver maximum ESP system efficiency and performance.

PMM technology has been well proven in oilfields around the world. PMMs have endured maximum run lives of over 7 years in Russia and more than 4 years in the Permian Basin.

About Borets
Borets is the global leader in artificial lift engineering, manufacturing, sales and servicing of electric submersible pump systems. Founded in 1897, the company’s key product lines include electric submersible pumps; progressive cavity pumping systems; downhole and surface horizontal pumping systems; and permanent magnetic motors. With headquarters in Moscow, and U.S. operations in Houston, TX, the company has 9,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 24 countries, providing exceptional equipment and services to international oil companies. Borets is committed to the highest quality standards, and this commitment is confirmed by ISO 9000, 14000, OHSAS 18000 and API Specification Q1 certifications. For more information, visit

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