News | January 22, 2014

Circulation Solutions Enhances Product Line With Ramp Chemicals Acquistion

Circulation Solutions, LLC, a drilling and completion products company specializing in lost circulation and other completion problems, recently acquired the assets and intellectual property of RAMP Chemicals, LLCbased in Laredo, Texas.

The acquisition, which finalized in the fourth quarter of 2013, launched Circulation Solutions’ North America and international expansion plans.

Additionally, Circulation Solutions identified new methods used by RAMP for lost-circulation material (LCM) and wellbore integrity problems. The acquisition includes RAMP’s signature product, MultiSqueeze, a chemical blend of customized lost circulation materials that forms a solid seal in the loss zone and eliminates fluid losses while minimizing the possibility of seal disruption during drilling operations.

“RAMP Chemicals’ product suite was developed to significantly improve the LCM process,” said Circulation Solutions President Josh Nelson. “As a distributor of MultiSqueeze, we immediately identified its distinctive features as it solved difficult formation fluid loss issues at temperatures up to 400°F without contaminating drilling fluids.”

Through its distribution partners and sales force, Circulation Solutions is looking to increase market share of all its products, including MultiSqueeze, throughout 2014.

“We are pleased to add RAMP Chemicals’ products to our inventory and look forward to taking its products to a global distribution network,” said Circulation Solution CEO Billy Marcum. “MultiSqueeze is more economical than pumping several conventional LCM pills and has solved problems on the rig when other products have failed. This acquisition will greatly benefit our customers by providing more options to meet their drilling needs.”

About Circulation Solutions
Circulation Solutions, LLC is based in Decatur, Texas, and extends throughout Texas, Okla., La. and Utah. Its products include MultiSqueeze, StableSeal, ShaleBlock and BiCenterBeads. As wellbore integrity specialists, Circulation Solutions’ goal is to provide a full line of specialty drilling and completion products applicable to any oil and gas play. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Circulation Solutions