News | April 20, 2023

Coast Guard In Iquitos Prepare To Act Against Oil Spills

In order to strengthen the training of the coast guard of the Iquitos Port Authority, in matters related to the control of hydrocarbon spills, Petroperú provided the necessary specialized equipment to know its use and management in possible emergencies.

The training consisted of providing the participants with the basic strategic knowledge and the generation of skills for the attention of hydrocarbon spills, requiring portable inflatable tanks, solid foam type containment barriers and special equipment for the recovery of hydrocarbons (skimmer).

With these tools, personnel from the Coast Guard, as well as Petroperú, participated in a specialized course called "First Response Operator Level 1", presented by the company Lamor Peru, on April 17 and 18, at the Port Captaincy facilities of Iquitos.

One of the objectives of this event was to provide attendees with the necessary information to achieve a quick, planned and effective response to an oil spill and to have adequate planning to determine the risk in the area.

Thanks to this activity, the participants acquired precise knowledge on issues related to the behavior of spilled hydrocarbons, sensitivity and impacts, control strategies and collection equipment, among others, which will allow them to act with better skills in emergency situations.

This synergy of work with the Iquitos Port Captaincy strengthens the capacities of the personnel to face emergency situations with better skills and greater speed.

Source: PetroperĂș SA