Case Study

Completion System Designed To Monitor Frac Operation

Source: Baker Hughes

A well located in the Bakken shale had a vertical cased section of 10,000 ft (3048 m) and a 10,000 ft openhole horizontal section. The completion consisted of 10 stages; five of the stages were monitored using PT gauges. The operator wanted to monitor separate frac events in multiple zones and to continue monitoring the zones during production.

The client selected Baker Hughes as the total solution provider for the well, because we could provide an integrated package of products and services across multiple product lines. These products included the FracPoint™ multistage fracturing system, SureSENS™ PT gauges, and SureView™ DTS monitoring system. The FracPoint system is deployed in one trip and reliably establishes isolation between zones. It allows frac fluid to be delivered where it is needed for maximum effect. The result is accurate fracture placements that improve initial productivity and accelerate reservoir drainage.