News | May 6, 2014

Concentric Pipe And Tool Rentals Introduces The Superior Safety Wrench System


Concentric Pipe and Tool Rentals, L.L.C., a leading provider of rental services for the critical completion phase of conventional and horizontal wells, has developed the Superior Safety Wrench System (SSWS), a next generation tool to eliminate the use of sledge hammers in the make up and break out of high pressure, temporary flowline connections.

Concentric, a Superior Energy Services company, designed the SSWS for land and offshore operations. The tool is composed of two main parts: a heavy-duty aluminum, wrench-style head and a quick-latch, adjustable torque-assist device. Extensive, external field tests were conducted on 2” – 4” unions, and the SSWS passed all tests.

The wrench-head adjusts from 1” – 4”, creating an even distribution of impact load on all three union lugs. The wrench head adapts to all disfigured hammer unions. The design of the handle provides a quick-latch feature extending 14” – 22” in length. Its even distribution of torque allows the union to contact the seal evenly without compressing or compromising the seal.

The SSWS includes significant safety features and provides a cost-efficient alternative to similar tools. Its design eliminates the risks and dangers of sledgehammer use, such as injuries from swinging sledgehammers with poor form, holding a target while it is hammered, releasing sledgehammers midswing and fragmenting because of a worn out sledgehammer or target. Because of the efficiency of the system, the wrench can also reduce rig-up and testing time.

With internal testing by means of 1” – 4”, 1502 union components torqued with the SSWS, the tool withstood a cold working pressure for qualification.

“Superior has an ongoing commitment to health, safety, environment and quality, which is designed into all products within our brands,” said David Wilson, president, Concentric Pipe and Tool Rentals. “Our goal is to eliminate on-the-job injuries associated with projects that utilize tools like the Superior Safety Wrench System, because nothing is more valuable than the safety of our customers and our employees.”

The SSWS is currently available to rent as a manual tool. A pneumatic version will be available later in 2014. Customization is also available.

About Superior Energy Services
Superior Energy Services, Inc. serves the drilling, completion and production-related needs of oil and gas companies worldwide through its brand name drilling products and its integrated completion and well intervention services and tools, supported by an engineering staff who plan and design solutions for customers.

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Since 1972, Concentric Pipe and Tool Rentals has served as a leading provider of rental services for the critical completion phase of conventional and horizontal wells. With four ISO-certified operation centers in Louisiana and a fully-equipped center in Brazil, Concentric's experienced staff of sales and service professionals have the ability to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of customers throughout Brazil and the Gulf Coast region. The entire Concentric organization upholds a commitment to quality, zero defects and rapid response — a philosophy that has enabled us to meet the needs of the widest possible range of well service and operating companies.

SOURCE: Concentric Pipe and Tool Rentals, L.L.C