News | June 7, 2021

Continued Educational Opportunities For Infrastructure Rehabilitation And Structural Strengthening Professionals

With many trade shows and conferences still cancelled or being delivered virtually, many infrastructure rehabilitation and structural strengthening professionals are struggling to access the continuing education they need to maintain their professional development hours (PDH) requirements.

GeoTree Solutions, a leading global provider of highly engineered solutions for repairing, rehabilitating, strengthening, and protecting critical infrastructure spanning the water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and civil sectors, began delivering its now hugely successful TEC talks series at the beginning of 2020 to address this need, and chose to continue the program into 2021 after delivering vital industry education to thousands of professionals.

The first half of the year saw the organization deliver, along with industry partners such as Owens Corning and KL Structures, on subjects as diverse as Beam Flexural Strengthening using RenewWrap CFRP, with new Software from GeoTree to Near Surface Mount (NMS) Carbon Fiber Bars for Structural Strengthening.

The program for the second half of 2021 includes:

  • June 30, at 11 am CST: Trenchless Technology Options: To use geopolymer or not to use Geopolymer.
  • July 21, at 11 am CST: Specifying Carbon Fiber Systems for Use in Construction Repair.
  • August 11, at 11 am CST: Value Engineering your Trenchless Pipe Project- Do You Want to do it Before or After the Bid?
  • September 1, at 11 am CST: GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar System for Structural Rehabilitation of Storm & Sanitary Pipe and MH Infrastructure.
  • September 22, at 11 am CST: Concrete FRP Pile Repairs in Submerged Environments.
  • October 12, at 11 am CST: Pipe Rehab – Geopolymer Shotcrete vs Portland Cement Shotcrete.

After attending, registered attendees can request a certificate that can be used to submit for one PDH hour.

GeoTree Solutions President, John Hepfinger said: “Like many organizations that heavily rely on face-to-face meetings to secure business, at the beginning of the pandemic we sought alternative ways to maintain contact with our customers and potential customers. We found our TEC talks to be hugely successful as part of our mission to not only talk about products, but the use and technology behind them. This year, we are slowly seeing networking opportunities return, but customer feedback led us to continue our TEC talk series, and it has now become a vital part of our marketing and communications strategy.

“We have the opportunity to deliver industry education, which was always a key part of our communication activities but also enable our attendees to gain the PDH requirements they need. All in all, the past year has changed the way we need to connect with our partners and we’re delighted to continue a program that allows us to do that.”

To register to attend any GeoTree Solutions TEC talks visit the website.

About GeoTree Solutions
GeoTree Solutions is a leading global provider of highly engineered solutions for repairing, rehabilitating, strengthening and protecting critical infrastructure spanning the water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and civil sectors. GeoTree’s premium GeoSpray geopolymer solutions, and onshore/offshore RenewWrap structural strengthening products can be applied to culverts, sewers, slopes, berm and tank containment areas, and civil structure repairs such as pilings, bridges, wharfs, silos, tanks, buildings, monuments, and towers. The GeoTree portfolio is unmatched—offering unique, robust and versatile products for a multitude of applications. For more inormation, visit

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Source: GeoTree Solutions