News | June 25, 2014

Core Grouting Services Successfully Commissions High Strength Grout Mixing And Pumping Unit

Core Grouting Services

Core Grouting Services, an Acteon company, has successfully commissioned a new high volume, high strength grout mixing and pumping unit. The equipment is specifically designed for mixing and pumping high strength grout with a compressive strength of >100 MPa. These grouts are used in offshore foundations, including wind turbines.

Colin Barrett, equipment manager at Core, said, “In our project experience, grouting can be on the project critical path, and our customers need jobs completed quickly. Due to the need for speed, we designed the unit to produce the maximum amount of high strength grout as efficiently as possible.”

Based on tests performed at Core's headquarters in Cork, Ireland, the unit will produce 12 – 14 m3 per hour of grout.

Barrett added, “Our new mixer unit uses orbital planetary mixers. This is a huge improvement on the current pan mixer type, as orbital planetary mixers enable more effective mixing of the grout. We can now mix large volumes of grout uniformly and quickly, enabling our customers to keep their projects moving.”

About Core Grouting Services
Core Grouting Services (‘Core’) is part of the Acteon group of subsea and offshore service companies and is focused on providing clients with expert services in grouting for offshore and subsea construction projects.

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SOURCE: Core Grouting Services