Case Study

Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment For Gas/Condensate Field

Source: Clariant

A gas/condensate producer in Uzbekistan was seeking improved corrosion control. The incumbent treatment program was considered ineffective, in that iron in the condensate was being measured at the 20-30ppm level.

The wells were batch treated with either a 5 or 10% solution of the Clariant Oil Services product in gas condensate, and shut in for various times between six and 24 hours. The performance was monitored by determining the corrosion inhibitor residual in the water phase, the iron content in the condensate phase and by the weight loss on freshly installed corrosion coupons after 45-84 days' exposure.

The results proved that good corrosion control had been achieved. Iron levels in the condensate were reduced by around a factor of 25. Levels remained at 0.5-1.5ppm, compared with 20-30ppm with previous treatments. The weight loss measurements of the coupons showed 80-95% protection.