News | November 28, 2018

CORTEC Receives 'SIL' Certification For CRV Pressure Relief Valve And Trunnion Ball Valve

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CORTEC, a leading manufacturer of high-quality API valves and manifolds, has received a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification on its Model Series “CRV” Pressure Relief Valves and Model Series “D” and “LD” Trunnion Ball Valves, which verify the safety of the products.

The SIL certification provides a quantification of the reduced likelihood of a hazardous event from occurring and assures that an independent third party reviewed the safety of the design and function of the product.

Stephen Corte, vice president of marketing and business development, CORTEC, said, “Over the years, CORTEC has worked hard to continually evolve our products and push the boundaries of performance and safety for our customers. The SIL certification qualifies our products for new applications and provides a high level of assurance to our users that they are working with equipment that can be relied upon when needed most.”

While historically CORTEC’s product line has been heavily upstream focused, the addition of SIL capable products coupled with expanding controls package offerings will serve to significantly expand the types of applications CORTEC can serve going forward.

Founded in January 2004, CORTEC is a leading manufacturer of high-quality valves and flow line equipment for production, drilling and service applications in the global oil and gas industry. CORTEC is comprised of two manufacturing divisions, CORTEC Fluid Control (CFC) and CORTEC Manifold Systems (CMS). These main manufacturing centers are located in Houma and Port Allen, Louisiana, ideally positioned to service the GOM oil and gas industry. CORTEC designs, engineers, manufactures, assembles and tests its products in Louisiana, USA, under API 6A and 16C licenses and is a registered ISO 9001 and API Q1 manufacturer. For more information,visit

Source: CORTEC