Downstream Software for Oil & Gas Industry

Source: AVEVA
Downstream Software for Oil & Gas Industry

Downstream refining and petrochemical producers achieve superior performance through better management of their energy usage and costs, optimization of their process yields, reduction or elimination of safety-related incidents and improved operator performance through Schneider Electric’s comprehensive portfolio of operations management solutions

Meet or exceed many of the challenges facing petroleum refining today: heavier feedstocks, rising energy costs, and shifting demand profiles. Maximize the value of every molecule processed to operate your plant safely and profitability.

Optimize product mix at the minimum cost of production by maximizing yields, minimizing energy consumption, operating safely, and minimizing unplanned downtime. Respond quickly to the price sensitivity of commodity products in this cost-driven market.

Achieve optimal planning, scheduling, and material loss management through accurate inventory and movement information, movement automation, and offline/online multi-blend optimization. Consistent refinery inventory reduces quality giveaway and reprocessing.