Eco-Tec Reaches For "Success" In Mexico With Exito Trade

Pickering, Ontario — As a growing global company, Eco-Tec continuously searches for synergistic relationships to reach strategic markets. Mexico's identified market needs can be addressed by a variety of Eco-Tec's products. To communicate with the Mexican market, Eco-Tec will be working with Exito Trade Consulting Inc. (Exito), a Toronto-based firm that specializes in promoting trade between Canada and Mexico.

In 2006, Eco-Tec secured a relationship with Pemex, one of the largest Oil & Gas companies in Mexico, by manufacturing six AmiPur™ systems for the purification of amine used in Pemex's processes. Since then, Eco-Tec representatives have visited numerous companies in Mexico inquiring about, and confirming, specific industrial needs. The visits, arranged by Export Assistance, proved that Mexico's industrial growth creates demand for Eco-Tec's products and services. Eco-Tec has selected Exito to assist with ongoing promotion to the Mexican market.

Exito Trade Consulting Inc. offers services ranging from monthly communication, to lead generation, to full strategic partnership, all focused on developing trade between Canada and Mexico. Exito will promote Eco-Tec on a consistent basis to specific industrial markets in Mexico.