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Ecosphere Investor Drew Bledsoe Discusses Chemical-Free Water Treatment For Fracking On CNBC's ‘Closing Bell'


Stuart, FL (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Drew Bledsoe, former NFL quarterback and principal of Bledsoe Capital Group, appeared on CNBC's Closing Bell on Friday, March 22nd to discuss how Ecosphere's (OTCBB:ESPH) patented Ozonix® technology is allowing oil and gas exploration companies to recycle wastewater and eliminate chemicals traditionally used in the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, process.

"We allow these companies to, first of all, clean the water before they use it the first time, and then also recycle it and reuse it in their process. We're closing the loop for these responsible companies," Bledsoe told "Closing Bell" hosts Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth. "We're eliminating chemicals and we're also reducing dramatically the trucking that's involved with fracking, because they can reuse the water right on site. It's been really effective for us. Our Company is growing very quickly and we're excited about the future."

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In response to a viewer Tweet of "Before fracking gets clean, hell will freeze over," Griffeth asked Bledsoe: "What do you say to the skeptics who still can't believe that a process like fracking that's so controversial can be made clean technology?" Bledsoe's response: "Well, we're doing it."

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. pioneered the treatment and recycling of produced and flowback waters at the well site. Ecosphere's patented Ozonix® advanced oxidation process has been successfully used on more than 700 oil and natural gas wells to treat, recycle and reuse more than 2.8 billion gallons of water that would have otherwise been treated with liquid chemicals or disposed of in deep injection disposal wells.

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About Ecosphere Technologies

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH) is a water engineering, technology licensing and innovative U.S. manufacturing company that develops non-chemical water treatment solutions for industrial markets throughout the world. The Company is a leader in emerging advanced oxidation processes and has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property that includes five United States patents for the Ecosphere Ozonix® process. The patented Ecosphere Ozonix® process is a revolutionary advanced oxidation process that is currently being used by energy exploration companies to reduce costs, increase treatment efficiencies and eliminate liquid chemicals from wastewater treatment operations around the United States.

A recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2012 North American Product Leadership Award in Disinfection Equipment for Shale Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment and chosen as a 2013 IHS CERAWeek Energy Innovation Pioneer, Ecosphere has enabled oil and gas customers to recycle and reuse over 2.8 billion gallons of water on more than 700 oil and natural gas wells in major shale plays around the United States.

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