News | March 19, 2001

Egypt's GUPCO data repository to be built by GeoQuest

Source: GeoQuest
Schlumberger Oilfield Services' GeoQuest says it has been selected by Egypt's Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) to build a comprehensive and secure repository for corporate exploration and production (E&P) data using its Finder integrated data management system.

"The Pyramid data management project has been identified as the core company project that will deliver growth throughout the company," said Hassan Hataba, GUPCO Pyramid project manager. "It will allow manpower resources to work more efficiently."

Amed Gad, GUPCO exploration manager, added, "We strongly believe that this project will add great value to GUPCO."

GeoQuest says eight of its staff members will team with 15 GUPCO employees during the initial phase to build, deploy, and operate the system, which will manage digital data types encompassing geology, petrophysics, geophysics, and production operations associated with priority areas in the Gulf of Suez. The contract will service more than 100 users and includes data pertaining to approximately 1100 wells and 150,000 km of 2D seismic lineage.

"The structure of this project draws together the skills and knowledge of all the parties involved to provide a framework that implements best practices and a common methodology that builds on experience and facilitates the transfer of knowledge," said Elie Daher, operations manager for GeoQuest in Egypt.

As a master catalog database, Finder provides an advanced system for capturing, storing, archiving, accessing, and delivering corporate E&P data.

"GUPCO made great progress in bringing digital technologies into its core exploration and production business. We are now preparing to take the next giant step in 21st century technological environment. The essential foundation for that step is an accurate and secure digital databases that is trusted by our users. The Pyramid team, backed by GeoQuest experience, will enable us to build that foundation," said Tim Marchante, GUPCO deputy exploration manager.

This agreement with GUPCO, BP's joint venture with the Egyptian General Petroleum Company, complements the e-solution for information management that BP embarked on last year.

Source: GeoQuest