EL Battery Powered Mag Meter System Ideally Suited For Agriculture Industry

The non-intrusive element of the EL System allows product to flow through the meter without concern of clogging. This rugged electromagnetic flowmeter is designed specifically for conductive fluids, including slurries. This system combines the MC608 transmitter with Flow Technology’s EL Series of electromagnetic flowmeters that represent the state-of-the-art for accurate measurement in water cycle and process applications.

The MC608B is a totally standalone battery operated electromagnetic flowmeter transmitter that has up to 6 years battery life. Accuracy is maintained through the incorporation of automatic and continuous meter zeroing under flowing conditions.


  • Ideally suited for agriculture industry: measure manure, water & waste
  • Uses the most versatile mag meter transmitter
  • Automatic and continuous meter zeroing under flowing conditions
  • Input Power: DC, AC or battery-powered
  • Display: Backlit LCD, Rate/Total & status flags
  • Pulse Output 1: Scaled total or linear rate
  • Pulse Output 2: Alarms
  • Analog Ouput: 4-20 mA output (requires 24 vdc power)
  • Serial Interface: MODBUS RTU interface on RS 485
  • Bidirectional flow capability
  • Instrument enclosure IP68 rated to a depth of 1.5 meters
  • Triple Password protection
  • Programming via laptop
  • Up to 6 year battery life