News | September 3, 2019

Enhanced Measurement Accuracy With New ProMAC Series Tools


Probe Multi-arm Calipers Deliver Advanced Measurement Quality and Reliability

Probe, a leading supplier of cased-hole logging and advanced monitoring technology to the global oil and gas and geothermal industries, recently announced the launch of the ProMAC, a new series of multi-arm caliper tools. Designed to increase measurement accuracy, reliability and maintainability, ProMAC series tools offer the most advanced measurements in the industry to provide an accurate profile of the internal surface of tubing, casing and completion assemblies.

It is the latest, and most technologically-sophisticated, addition to Probe’s growing range of well integrity solutions that help operators identify mineral deposition, corrosion, wear and mechanical deformation.

Wide range of diameters measured at unmatched resolution
ProMAC series calipers deliver highly sensitive, accurate multi-arm caliper measurements over a wide range of casing and tubing diameters at an unmatched vertical resolution of 0.0001-inch, and excellent temperature stability.

The primary benefits of ProMAC tools lie in their unparalleled resolution and fast sampling rate. Transmission of high-density data is made possible by Probe’s digital (HD) telemetry resulting in logs with excellent vertical resolution in keeping with the highest industry standards today. “With ProMAC calipers sampling at 50 times per second, the operator can acquire precise log data with high vertical resolution,” said Federico Casavantes, CEO of Probe. “Engineering advances have reduced the time required to calibrate and characterize to just a half-day. This is a very significant improvement. Minimizing electronics and sensor exposure to elevated temperatures helps reduce premature failures, saving time and money.”

Why now?
According to Probe, it’s the first time in many years that a mature technology, such as the multi-arm caliper, has been engineered with patented technologies; one that was long overdue. “We recognized the critical importance of an accurate multi-arm caliper log, and the fact that it is a highly sensitive, temperature-dependent measurement, so we set out to design an industry-leading tool by focusing on measurement quality and manufacturability from inception,” said Casavantes. “The ProMAC series calipers are the realization of our efforts; tools that acquire greater volumes of data of the highest accuracy.”

The first in the series, the ProMAC 24 tool, is now commercially available. The 1-11/16-inch OD tool accurately maps the internal condition of production tubing, casing and completion jewelry within a measurement range of 1.69 to 7.0 inches.

By providing the most advanced measurements in the industry, the launch of the ProMAC series calipers signals a step change in logging for those seeking the optimum integrity solution.

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