News | September 13, 2022

Enverus Solves Diverse Business Challenges With Fusion Connect Data Integration

Combining proprietary and Enverus data enables intelligent connections for the discovery of previously unseen opportunities and insights

Enverus, the most trusted energy-dedicated SaaS company, has unveiled Fusion Connect, providing customers a new way to integrate their own proprietary data with Enverus data inside PRISM, Enverus’ hallmark energy decision-making platform. For early adopters, the breakthrough is already saving time, resources and improving multi-disciplinary collaboration. These intelligent connections enable companies to act fast and deliver extraordinary outcomes and value that were not previously possible — an incredibly important development in today’s rapidly changing energy ecosystem.

The challenge that Fusion Connect overcomes is most immediately evident among oil and gas operators owing to their need for highly precise data to guide and de-risk capital-intensive and time-sensitive decisions. These customers often hold unique, proprietary data, based on their own internal calculations, such as internal Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR), well landing intervals, working interests or land expiration schedules which vary from available public data or curated third-party analytics. These data sets need to be compared to unbiased third-party data to verify findings or to identify outliers or data gaps.

Unfortunately, blending vendor analytics and proprietary data is time consuming, onerous and costly, preventing detailed workflows from contributing to high level workflows and vice versa. And that means teams spend valuable time on data integration activities rather than focusing on finding answers to drive business outcomes. Until now.

“The struggle to make data available and turn it into valuable insights is what we refer to as an information disconnect,” said Colin Westmoreland, chief innovation officer at Enverus. “For years, the oil and gas industry has struggled with closing that gap between data and value creation. Not only is data integration currently slow, it’s not built for cross-team collaboration either, creating silos within the customer organization. Assets are then not valued correctly, peer benchmarking is ineffective and asset design changes aren’t optimal or — even worse — never identified at all. Fusion Connect solves all of that and will benefit an entire organization including supply chain, operations, investors, land management and beyond. The possibilities with Fusion Connect are endless.”

Fusion Connect allows companies to quickly and easily integrate their proprietary data directly into PRISM, unlocking a new level of value no other provider can offer — access to Enverus data built upon 20 years of market intelligence and machine learning in a platform designed for cross-team collaboration with the most current insights. Faster knowledge sharing across analyst, asset, geology and engineering teams and precise insights drive better business decisions across the entire asset lifecycle, from more accurate evaluations and optimal well designs to monitoring and development strategy.

The announcement arrives as Enverus emphasizes its commitment to intelligent connections which bring together the analytics, people, experience and industry scope to connect the right data and information in the right way to discover previously unseen insights and opportunities, act fast and deliver extraordinary outcomes.

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