Case Study

Fearless Flow Back: Treating Completion Fluids And Acid Flow Backs

Source: CETCO Oilfield Services

An oil company completed a well and CETCO Oilfield Services was there to treat the flow back fluids. During the flow back, it was necessary for the oil company to continue normal drilling operations. Deck space on the structure was at a premium for the oil company, who simultaneously continued drilling while flow back fluids were being treated. CETCO Oilfield Services' proven technology and specialized equipment, with a very small footprint, were keys in treating the fluids while allowing normal operations to continue.

The flow back lasted for four days, and CETCO Oilfield Services treated all of the return fluids, discharging clean water directly into the Gulf of Mexico. CETCO Oilfield Services received fluids from the structure's test separator. The fluids were routed into CETCO's 120-BBL Sparging Separation Tank for initial treatment. Inlet oil and grease concentrations ranged from 225 ppm to 590 ppm. Specialists then pumped the fluids from the separation tank to CETCO's RFV 2000 filtration skid containing radial flow canisters filled with CETCO Oilfield Services patented CrudeSorb® media.