News | May 9, 2014

First Wastewater Treatment Floating Platform In Singapore And Southeast Asia

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

In a country with more than 5 million inhabitants within its 710 square kilometer border, space becomes a premium.  As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Singapore must rely on new and innovative ways of thinking to combat the lack of land availability in order to support its growing urbanization and infrastructure needs. 

Utilizing all available avenues of space becomes imperative.  As such, when the need for a new wastewater treatment facility arose, Veolia offered a solution that took the wastewater treatment plant off the land-scarce area and into the nearby sea through the form of a floating platform.  This will be the first wastewater treatment floating platform to be built in the Southeast Asia region.   

The wastewater treatment plant on the platform will be comprised of Veolia’s patented ACTIFLO® Turbo and Hydrotech™ Discfilter technologies.  It will also utilize Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals for coagulation and flocculation.  Veolia’s comprehensive offering of bundled technologies and chemicals, coupled with the small footprint of the selected technologies, were key factors leading to the selection of Veolia.

Veolia’s Actiflo® solution is especially compatible for the treatment of lead and brackish water as it consistently produces sludge even under varying water conditions. Able to handle a flow rate of up to 17,000 cubic metres per day, Actiflo® incorporates microsand (ActisandTM) in the clarification process as it acts as a stabiliser, by dampening the effects of sudden variations in water conditions. With Veolia’ solution, this new application in Singapore will see an improvement in the quality of waste that is released into surrounding waters, and enable the marine life in the area to continue thriving.

With this floating application, Veolia is the benchmark for new innovative solutions, especially where land constraint is a factor. This project is Veolia’s first wastewater floating platform in Southeast Asia, and it further demonstrates its capabilities in offering first-class water and wastewater treatment solutions for its clients. Veolia looks forward to sharing similar implementations across industries in the near future.

Source: Veolia Water Technologies