White Paper

Flow And Level Measurement: 6 Essential Questions Answered

Source: Fluid Components International

How does thermal dispersion technology compare to other flow and level measurement technologies?

Because there is so much variation in applications, multiple flow and level measurement technologies can exist and thrive, since each has one or more inherent characteristics to be an optimum solution in a given setting.  Or, expressed another way, all the technologies do several things extremely well, but no single technology does everything well for all applications.  Thermal dispersion excels as a no-moving-parts, no-routine-maintenance, highly reliable technology.  In flow metering, thermal dispersion’s application strengths include air/gas flow, wide (100:1 standard) turndown, direct mass flow measuring, wide temperature and pressure service compatibility, and the fact that it remains very cost effective as line size increases.

FCI was among the first to develop and commercialize thermal dispersion technology, and has stayed committed to continuing to improve on it for the past 50 years — through R&D investment as well as capital investment in tools, processes, and flow calibration.