Flow Cytometer With Maximum Flexibility: CytoFLEX

Source: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Providing quality and performance at any configuration, the CytoFLEX system provides powerful sensitivity and resolution for the simple to the most challenging applications. CytoFLEX delivers and surpasses capabilities expected in top tier analyzers, with excellent performance and nanoparticle resolution.

CytoFLEX is: 

  • Powerful performance in all configurations 
  • 21 available flexible configurations (up to 3 Lasers, 13 Colors) 
  • Future proof solution with built in system flexibility for easy upgrade options 
  • Superior sensitivity and resolution for excellent fluorescence and nanoparticle detection 
  • Simple yet elegant design that is compact and reliable 
  • CytExpert experiment based software for easy multicolor setup and QC 
  • Easy to learn, easy to operate, easy to maintain 
  • Versatile Plug-n-play filters –bandpass-only light collection 
  • Integrated optics for alignment stability 
  • Accommodates 12x75mm and microtiter tubes 
  • Customer Installable – be ready to run in minutes not hours 
  • Compact – Fits on your benchtop <50lbs, 16” x 16” x 13”