News | August 13, 2012

Fox Thermal Publishes White Paper

Fox Thermal Instruments announced recently the publication of the white paper titled “Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Emissions Monitoring”. This white paper describes how Fox thermal flow meters are used to improve efficiency in combustion control applications and provide accurate usage reports for cost-reduction initiatives and environmental compliance.  These include

  • Energy accounting in large industrial facilities with multiple processes or buildings
  • Sub-metering for billing and usage comparison reporting
  • Increased productivity and energy-savings through balanced burner air/fuel ratios
  • Proactive emissions control on burner control systems

Fox thermal mass flow meters provide the real-time measurement required for sophisticated combustion control systems, as well as other critical flow measurement applications. These include compressed air metering, wastewater aeration, hydrogen monitoring, landfill monitoring, purge monitoring and flare gas and vent gas measurement.

About Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
Fox Thermal Instruments is a privately owned and operated company that is rapidly growing and has recently expanded their operations to a larger facility.  With the demand for monitoring devices growing each year, Fox strives to become the leader in innovative products and to provide exceptional customer service. Fox’s commitment to producing quality, cost-effective instruments has helped the company build strong relationships with its customers at home and abroad. For more information, visit

Source: Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.