GAA330-M Emission Monitoring System

GAA330-M Emission Monitoring System

The GAA330-M is a CEM system designed to measure the gas pollutants SO2, CO2, and NOX, as specified in MARPOL Annex VI. The GAA330-M operates with both high- and low-sulfur fuels, no matter if you are operating outside or inside an ECA. ABB has the right gas analyzer portfolio to allow vessels to stay compliant with current and upcoming regulations. The GAA330-M uses an Infrared photometer for reporting the SO2/CO2 ratio as specified by MARPOL requirements. NOX is monitored with an ultraviolet photometer (UV) which is the most practical approach. ABB photometers are manufactured and designed for best performance under harshest conditions with an installed base of more than 100.000 units in global industries.

System characteristics

  • Standalone cabinet with modular analyzer concept
  • Standard measured gases: SO2 and CO2 Optional measured gases: NO and NO2 (NOX)
  • Rugged sample probe and heated sample line included
  • Approved measuring technology and pneumatic system
  • Digital communication including Ethernet TCP/IP and OPC server

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