GAA630-M Emission Monitoring System

GAA630-M Emission Monitoring System

The GAA630-M is based on a dry and extractive approach. The system is designed as a two housing solution. The continuous gas analyzers are engineered to fit in a small footprint IP65 compact cabinet, while the sampling system is mounted in a separate IP65 enclosure. The design complies to IMO MARPOL ANNEX 14 Res. MEPC 177 (58) (NTC) & IMO MARPOL ANNEX 9 Res. MEPC 184 (59). The sampling system is based on a continuous extraction cooling device, removing the moisture from the sample gas. Both cabinets are equipped with antivibration devices to reduce vibrations effects, maximize measuring performance and extend lifetime of the analytical and pneumatic components

The unique features of the GAA630-M:

  • Unique two housing system design
  • Adaptable data communication – compatible to all advisory tools
  • Worldwide service availability
  • Type approved emission monitoring system for maritime industry
  • Proven analyzers and International Maritime Organization (IMO) referenced technology
  • Certified measurement according IMO MARPOL

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