White Paper

Gas Measurement For The Real World

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

By Maron J. Dahlstrøm, Phillips Petroleum Company Norway

This paper describes the performance of the V-Cone meters used for Embla test separator gas measurement, starting May 1993. The advantages and disadvantages for use of this technology on the partially processed gas at an offshore platform are discussed.

It has been shown in tests that the V-Cone meter functions well with wet gas conditions. The long term repeatability of the meter is documented. Also the low influence from upstream disturbance is confirmed. It is shown that calibration curvefit to ISO5167-1 based equations, can give dry gas accuracy inside the fiscal requirements for gas at Reynoldsnumber above 1 million. The experience from Embla shows that the V-Cone meter tolerates rough operation: The V-Cone meter dimensions certified at six month intervals identifies no changes to the meter. Also the flow calibrations carried out at the same time intervals presents no significant changes; the results match close to the accuracy of the equipment used in the flow calibrations.