News | September 6, 2023

GD Energy Products' Redline+ Valves And Seats Deliver Maximum Performance And Reliability In Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

GD Energy Products (GDEP), the leading total solutions provider for the frac, drilling and well servicing market, has proven in field trials that its new Redline+ Valves and Seats significantly increase performance life in high pressure hydraulic fracturing operations.

In line with GDEP’s commitment to continuous innovation, Redline+ Valves and Seats are the latest addition to GDEP’s Redline Series Consumables. The new valves and seats feature a patent-pending design and optimized metallurgy resulting in enhanced wear resistance and strength. Compatible with both GDEP and competitor fluid ends, the Redline+ designs have significantly increased resistance against chemical abrasion.

Andy Muck, Key Account Sales Manager, GDEP, said, “Longevity and consistency are leading factors in choosing the best valve and seat for frac operations. GDEP’s new, innovative line of Redline+ Valves and Seats has significantly increased minimum life expectancy and improved performance consistency.”

Manufactured in the USA, GDEP’s Redline+ Valves and Seats have been tested in numerous basins outperforming competition with supreme performance and reliability. Operating under harsh environments, the valves and seats demonstrated consistent performance, fewer maintenance intervals and longer life.

During a one-month trial in the Permian Basin, the new valves and seats showed a 37 percent increase in the number of strokes between valve changes when compared to the competition. The new technology enabled customers to extend maintenance intervals, which reduced total consumable consumption by 20 percent.

In the Haynesville Basin, notorious for its ultra-high pressures and extremely harsh conditions, Redline+ Valves and Seats presented a 25 percent increase in the number of stages, when compared to GDEP’s V3 valve. The new line showed consistent field performance that improved uptime and led to less unscheduled maintenance.

Jim Yanus, Consumables Engineering Director said, “Our engineering team has triumphed through the design and manufacturing of our industry leading valves and seats. GDEP’s reputation of providing the highest quality frac pump consumables is demonstrated through the unparalleled field-proven performance and reliability of our new Redline+ Valves and Seats.”

Source: GD Energy Products