Brochure | February 12, 2012

HRT™ Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology Brochure

Source: Pentair Oil & Gas Separations

Pentair HRT™ technology provides petroleum producers, refiners and gas processors dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams relative to that achievable through implementation of conventional residence tanks or separators. Residence tanks are ineffective at separating emulsified hydrocarbon from aqueous streams, allowing essentially all dispersed hydrocarbon to pass through. Likewise, conventional methods such as walnut shell filters or induced gas / dissolved air flotation (IGF or DAF) are limited to applications with less than 200-300 ppm oil and under the best of circumstances are typically 90% - 95% effective. By contrast, the HRT technology was developed to remove solids as fine as 1 micron to 99.98% efficiency if desired and intercept and recover even stable emulsified hydrocarbons, allowing essentially zero free hydrocarbons to pass through. Consequently, the HRT technology provides vast improvements in the treated water quality attainable in various produced or process water systems.

Most process water systems experience either periodic or continuous hydrocarbon upsets, leading to diminished capacity, fouling of heat transfer surfaces and equipment, and in extreme cases shut down and environmental emissions due to inability to process accumulated water. Pentair HRT technology allows free hydrocarbon levels be reduced from as high as 5% to a few ppm at the discharge of the HRT system, representing removal efficiencies greater than 99.8%. The potential exists to dramatically improve hydrocarbon and solids separation from process water systems without the need to add additional stages of treatment or pre-treatment equipment. Additionally, the potential for hydrocarbon induced upset and the attendant impacts on process throughput and emissions are dramatically mitigated.

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