Case Study

In The Wake Of Disaster, Thru Tubing Systems, Inc Beats The Competition To The Punch With Adept Document Management

Source: Synergis Software

Adept makes responding to customer demands a snap. TTS now uses Adept to track every part back to its material manufacturer. If a particular material has a defect, TTS can go into Adept and find all the parts made from that material. They can pull all the specifications for items tracked by serial number, lot number or material certification documents and get that information out to the customer right away to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

“You just have to think about it a little bit and you can make Adept do just about anything you want it to do,” claims Walls. “If a customer has one of our tools and we find that there is a defect in that particular material, we can go back in and tell you where the parts are, who has them, and where they are located. If we get a problem with a tool we can go back and find out every customer that has a tool, and has it been run on a job, and has there been any problems.”

Walls explains how TTS used Adept to respond to customer demands, leap frog the competition, and win new clients. “We recognized the benefits of tracking our tools early on and this put us ahead of the process for the demands to come. Adept helped us be able to track and serialize all our parts. Now that customers are getting more stringent with the requirements, a lot of our competitors are playing catch up. But we are already set up. We already had a form; we were able to produce what the customers want.”