Brochure | July 24, 2017

IntelaTrac For Upstream Oil & Gas

Source: AVEVA
upstream workforce mobility

Wonderware® IntelaTrac™ enables Upstream Oil & Gas producers to achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations through the consistent execution of all field tasks. IntelaTrac fosters a culture of asset stewardship and accountability through a standardized approach to work force management.

Business Value

  • Provides a framework for driving sustainable operational excellence
  • Enforces consistent execution of best practices
  • Provides a costeffective strategy for monitoring remote, noninstrumented assets
  • Key success factor for equipment reliability
  • Immediately guides new field workers in best practices

Industry Challenges

  • Safety and regulatory compliance
  • Accurate production data
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Controlling maintenance costs
  • Personnel turnover and training costs
  • Inefficient paper-based data collection