News | September 21, 2022

Intelligent Wellhead Systems Receives Hart Energy Special Meritorious Award For Engineering Innovation For Invision Digital Valve Control Technology

Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc. (IWS), a leading supplier of digital technologies that improve oil and gas well completion operations, announced that its inVision Digital Valve Control technology received a Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation (MEA) in the Digitalization category from Hart Energy. As a result, inVision Digital Valve Control technology becomes one of only 22 selected this year by Hart Energy for its special significance to the future of the upstream petroleum industry.

Optimizing completions performance, improving wellsite safety
“I find it very inspiring that our inVision technology has been honored as one of the industry’s game-changing innovations of 2022,” said William Standifird, CEO of IWS. “From the beginning, the IWS team set its sights on optimizing completions performance and wellsite safety by developing technologies that help to achieve these goals. To have our efforts recognized by Hart Energy is certainly a fitting way to demonstrate our commitment to improving HSE performance at the frac site, as well as enhancing efficiencies,” he added.

According to Hart Energy, inVision Digital Valve Control technology helps mitigate the risk and improve the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing, wireline and pressure control operations. The technology integrates a wide variety of sensors, engineered safety controls and best practices to remotely operate accumulator valves using digitally enhanced standard operating procedures. With this approach to remotely operating accumulator valves, it is possible to open or close access multiple wells to increase efficiency while reducing the risk of human error that can cause catastrophic failures that lead to loss of life, injury and equipment damage.

More than 50,000 incident-free stages on 1,000 completions in North America
The inVision technology platform has helped achieve more than 50,000 incident-free stages on 1,000 completions in Canada and the U.S. The latest innovation to the platform, inVision Digital Valve Control technology, was introduced in February 2022 and implemented by Aethon Energy in its Haynesville wells. The new technology has continued to achieve a zero-incident performance track record with Aethon, experiencing zero cut wirelines, zero well shut-ins, zero pressure control incidents and zero injuries to date. With inVision Digital Valve Control Technology, wellsite personnel no longer must manually open or close accumulator valves. Frac, wireline, pressure control and Aethon stakeholders can now visualize wellhead valve status and control valve readiness for frac fluids or wireline tools going into - and out of - the well on handheld inVision SIMOPS tablets. Safety situational awareness of operations is improved and continuous improvement in well swap and pumping times can now be enabled. inVision Digital Valve Control technology is helping demonstrate that digital technologies play a vital role in reducing risk in hazardous operations because humans cannot be situationally aware 100% of the time.

About Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS)
The InVision platform for Completion operations, from Intelligent Wellhead Systems, improves wellsite safety and efficiency with Wellsite Instrumentation, Digital Valve Controls, and Remote Monitoring solutions. Utilizing its customer’s standard operating procedures, IWS creates a Digital Handshake to minimize human errors during operations activities. For more information, visit

Source: Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc.