Energy Recovery's IsoBoost™ Saves Energy And Reduces Carbon Footprint

Source: Energy Recovery


The IsoBoost™ System is the highest efficiency energy recovery system on the market for amine processing.  It recovers energy in acid gas treatment processes at up to 80% efficiency, increases productivity and profitability — and reduces carbon footprint.

The technology is designed to harness energy from pressure drops in one liquid process flow to boost the pressure in an adjacent flow.  At the heart of the system is a hydraulic turbocharger, customized for each application to yield optimal operational flexibility at unparalleled efficiencies.

Key benefits of the IsoBoost system include:

  • Superior Reliability and Safety
  • Economic Payback: 1- 3 years*
  • Liquid Phase turbo and industrial pump rolled into one with maximum flexibility
  • Minimal installation time, operator training, and plant design due to compact footprint and turnkey solution
  • Plug and play complete solution — no need for other instrumentation or ancillary equipment
  • High quality, precision manufacturing.

* at flows of 400 gpm and up, payback is between one and three years (at $0.10/kWh power cost)