L'eau Claire Upflow Filter

Source: Veolia Water Technologies
L'eau Claire Upflow Filter

The capacity of the upflow filter system ranges from 60 to 1,000 gpm. Multiple units can be coupled to accommodate any larger flow requirements. By forcing the collected solids deep into the media, the upflow media filter achieves greater operational cycle time. Filter media types can vary or even be combined for maximum efficiency in a given application. Options include silica sand, garnet and anthracite coal. Available in vertical open top or pressure vessels, this upflow filtration system is designed for effective removal of solids, colloidal silica and color from river water to protect an ion exchange or membrane system. It is also used for removal of hardness precipitation in brine service.

The L'eau Claire is an upflow media filter offering high bed loading for solids removal and fine removal of solids and colloidal silica. Used extensively on river water for pretreatment for cooling water or boiler makeup water. Can remove 3 times the solids of conventional downflow media filters. Operates at 6 GPM/ft2 for most applications. Used as a standard in the brine industry.

Model Details

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel, Coated Steel, Stainless Steel
Maximum Flow: 1,000 GPM
Maximum Pressure: 300 PSI
Minimum Flow 60 GPM
Minimum Pressure: 0 PSI