News | April 2, 2019

Larkton CM Creates A New Standard In Corrosion Rate Estimation And Materials Selection


Larkton Ltd, a digital transformation, software design, and corrosion and materials engineering consultancy, has launched Larkton CM corrosion rate estimation and materials selection software.

To achieve a new standard in corrosion analysis and materials selection, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide corrosion models and experimental data have been reanalysed, and industry experience and inspection information have been reviewed. The development team also revisited the business processes and needs of corrosion and materials engineers in this new industrial era focusing on efficiency and productivity improvement.

“The opportunity to rethink corrosion analysis and materials selection has been fantastic,” says Liane Smith, Larkton director. “We were unburdened by legacy methodologies and able to embrace the opportunities provided by cloud-computing with end-to-end encryption technologies for security. This means we can give customers secure access to corrosion rate estimates and materials selection wherever they are while retaining data and outputs within their systems.”

Larkton CM software gives consistent outputs when tested against legacy corrosion models using the same limited inputs. However, it also offers the option of inputting more detailed data for deeper analysis and greater accuracy. Materials selection options are provided for a wide range of the components used in facilities, pipelines and wells to give a comprehensive output, including material choices for downhole equipment.

About Larkton Ltd
Larkton provides consultancy in digital transformation, software design and corrosion and materials engineering that builds on three decades of success in independent thinking, innovative problem analysis, system modelling and clear solution definition and execution. For more information, visit

About Liane Smith
Liane Smith, founding director of Larkton Ltd, is an independent consultant with a global reputation and deep domain knowledge that has been applied in a broad range of sectors. This expertise is combined with management experience, which includes successfully establishing a start-up business, positioning it for a successful sale, and heading a global service line in a FTSE 100 company. Her track record includes designing and commercialising world-leading technologies; identifying innovative responses to complex business, technical and engineering challenges; and defining digital transformation roadmaps. Liane established Larkton Ltd in 2018.

Source: Larkton Ltd