News | August 30, 2021

Logan Industries And Inventor Dave Krug Launch Patent-Pending 480 PLUS Longest Stroke & Heaviest Lift Rod Pumping Surface Unit

Logan Industries International Corporation (Logan Industries), a world-class machine designer, manufacturer, field service and repair company, has partnered with inventor Dave Krug to support and manufacture the patent-pending 480 PLUS rod pumping surface unit in Texas.

Initially, 480 PLUS is focused on electric submersible pump (ESP) conversion wells, where increased polished rod travel along with heavier lift ratings provide improved fluid production and fewer rod reversals. Simplified mechanical arrangements are combined with true downhole pump process control, never seen before in rod pumping.

480 PLUS operation is derived from the real work produced downhole (previous pump stroke(s) ability to fill with fluid plus the rod’s capability to fall), not a pre-set motion profile. Both process variables, monitored in real-time, regulate rod string direction, dwell, speed, force limiting and total strokes per minute. All this is accomplished without the use of a variable speed electric motor drive, meaning no nuisance faults during brown outs. Additionally, 480 PLUS has no minimum speed due to cooling and lubrication requirements.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “480 PLUS takes a new and different approach to rod pumping, called, ‘electro-hydraulic motion control without throttling.’ Our machine offers true variable displacement pumping technology, which is able to precisely match reservoir inflow and liquid versus gas pump fillage by autonomously optimizing compression ratios. This has not been done before.”

Dave Krug commented, “Our 480 PLUS is the world’s longest rod pumping surface unit available today and is manufactured in Texas. It’s simple – by reducing the number of rod string reversals, we increase tubing life, rod string life, pump life and simultaneously lift more fluid to the surface, all of which improves an operator’s bottom line. Additionally, 480 PLUS features simple energy management and real-time diagnostics, helping users combat dynamic downhole operating conditions and minimize human intervention.”

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Source: Logan Industries International Corporation