News | January 11, 2021

Logan Industries Offers Marine Scrubber Repair At New State-Of-The-Art Pressure Vessel Heat Exchanger Facility

Logan Industries

Logan Industries (Logan), a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, now offers marine scrubber repair and servicing at its new Pressure Vessel Heat Exchanger (PVHEX) facility in Hempstead, Texas.

The new state-of-the-art PVHEX facility, custom designed and engineered to efficiently produce scrubbers for the petrochemical, marine, ocean transport, chemical and nuclear industries, has been instrumental in growing the business applications of Dutch sister company Verolme, enabling them to offer independent service for scrubber repair/services and overboard piping solutions across North America for the first time.

The water draining out of marine scrubbers through overboard discharge water pipes is corrosive, and requires special piping materials. As protective coatings are not sufficient and can be damaged, resulting in corrosion and leaks, Verolme provides a (Class approved) in-house designed and manufactured Verolme Modified Alloy overboard pipe with diffuser, including a connector piece in the same material as the ship’s hull. The critical transition weld is protected with several layers of alloy overlay, in order to perform in the most severe corrosive environments.

The manufacturing of the Class approved Alloy discharge pipe will be performed in the PVHEX facility by qualified and certified alloy welders working as part of Logan’s scrubber manufacturing team. The work onboard the vessel (positioning of pipe, full- penetration weld and NDT) will be performed by Logan’s experienced and qualified field team, who work to minimize downtime of the vessel.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “Keeping our customers out of the dry-dock is our primary objective and a corroded or improperly prepared overboard water discharge pipe has the potential to land a vessel in the dockyard. Serving as a scrubber manufacturer with in-house expertise in material selection for the scrubber systems, spools and discharge piping, allows Logan to support our clients with a range of options for permanent and lasting solutions.”

About Logan Industries
Headquartered in Hempstead, TX, northwest of Houston, Logan Industries is a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company serving the marine, industrial, mill, dredging and oil and gas industries. Logan’s services include providing hydraulic machinery, performing hydraulic repairs and refurbishing, manufacturing and designing equipment.
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