Magnetic Level Gauge Switch: LMS100


The LMS100 is a magnetically actuated single pole double throw switch. When the LMS100 is mounted on a KM26 Magnetic liquid level indicator, LS Series Cage Level switch or an external chamber that contains a magnetic float, it can sense high or low point levels within a vessel.

The unique magnetic coupling action eliminates the need for seals, diaphragms, springs, or torque tubes. There is no physical contact between the switch and the process. Magnetic coupling also eliminates the necessity of process connections and insures total isolation from the process.


  • Unique concept of magnetic coupling, eliminating direct contact with process
  • No process piping or valves required
  • Easy mounting and adjustment; only small screwdriver required
  • Trip point infinitely adjustable (excluding cryogenic applications) without changing process piping
  • Hermetically sealed SPDT switch contacts (NO or NC)
  • Switch is encapsulated within a Stainless Steel housing
  • Designed and constructed to FM-C, UL, NEMA, ANSI / ISA, and ATEX / IEC guidelines

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