Magnetic Level Indicators

Source: Magnetrol International


All MLIs from Orion Instruments® offer a unique set of features to accommodate a variety of application needs.

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Below is a brief overview of each:

A basic, high-performance magnetic level indicator suitable for a wide range of process conditions. ATLAS is the perfect choice if you're looking for a reliable visual indication solution without necessarily requiring an accompanying continuous level transmitter. It can, however, be coupled with several transmitter and switch options to expand its overall capability.

The most Innovative MLI on the market. AURORA revolutionized magnetic level indication by integrating high-performance Guided Wave Radar technology into a robust MLI. The result: a diverse instrumentation system relying on two completely different principles of technology: Buoyancy + Radar.

Orion's twin chamber design is unique to the Magnetic level gauge industry. The second chamber facilitates the installation of any of a wide selection of transmitters to provide continuous level monitoring in addition to the indication provided by the primary chamber.

VECTOR is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI). Suitable for a variety of installations, VECTOR has many basic features and is precision-engineered and manufactured to ensure a long service life.

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